What is the eVerify Compliance Suite?

An automated identity verification summary and set of tools to help you detect fraud that otherwise might be overlooked. Which is why it is included in every CBC credit report.

The most effective method of preventing fraud is vigilance, or a system for detecting information that looks legitimate on the surface but is in fact malicious. Which is why the eVerify Compliance suite is as convenient and easy to use as it is detailed in its focus on applicants who are considered high risk for fraud.

Best of all, it is available in every CBC credit report as well as our compliance dashboard.

What's Included in the Compliance Suite

Here's how CBC makes compliance easy.
  • Included in the
    Credit Report
  • Red Flags Rule check powered by precise ID (PID)
  • Out-of-Wallet questions with knowledge IQ verification Simple PASS/FAIL indicator
  • Synthetic Fraud Indicator
  • OFAC Name Search with "clear" feature
  • MLA qualified buyer check
  • Adverse Action notice processing
  • Risk-Based Pricing notice with bar graph and signature line
  • Included in the
    Compliance Dashboard
  • Compliance view find screen
  • Plain paper credit application
  • Customizable privacy notice
  • eVault compliance repository and long-term data storage
  • Plain paper credit application
  • Customizable privacy notice
  • Credit activity and compliance tracking reports
  • Zip code activity map
  • Debt to income analyzer
  • Activity log audit trail

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