What is CBC's Red Flag Review Dashboard?

Whether it's a red flag alert, OFAC, fraud, or any other discrepancy on an applicant, the Red Flag Review Dashboard has you covered.

If vigilance is essential to your business's safety, then responsiveness is critical. With CBC's Red Flag Review Dashboard, you get both. Whether a red flag is raised or there is an OFAC alert, an email is instantly sent out to responsible dealership personnel with a request that action be taken and corrected.

Combined with the ability to make changes in real time, the Red Flag Review Dashboard is here to help improve your ability to detect and respond to compliance issues quickly and without missing any critical details.

Because improper clearing of Red Flags or short-cutting the Red Flags compliance process can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Managers get busy and Red Flags get overlooked or mishandled, this simple fact of life greatly increases the possibility of processing a deal with open Red Flags that were either: missed, cleared incorrectly or didn't follow established business policy.

Which is why CBC poured nearly two decades of experience into eliminating this risk to your business through the development of the Red Flag Review Dashboard.

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