What is Synthetic Identity Detection?

Those who commit fraud are persistent about developing new ways of hiding it, which is why Synthetic Identity Detection considers a multitude of different factors to detect false identities.

Shield your business from malicious applicants who are likely associated with synthetic identity fraud, consumer ID theft, and other Red Flags. Synthetic identity detection exposes fraud by evaluating each customer based on over 30 rules to identify risky behavior and analyzing the pattern that emerges.

Combined with a highly effective process for finding established synthetic identities that are approaching the maturity level necessary to perpetrate fraud, Synthetic Identity Detection by Credit Bureau Connection is here to keep your business safe.

Protecting Your Business

How Synthetic ID Detection Benefits You
    • Minimize Risk to Your Business
    • Allows for Thorough Screening of Customers
    • Synthetic identity detection rules help determine proof-of-life for that identity by using an array of conditional analytics associated with synthetic identity fraud.

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