Outsmart the Fake Paystub

Fraudsters are getting sophisticated these days and it isn't difficult to modify a pay stub. AIC will outsmart the fake paystub by returning up to date information.

Verify Applicant Income

AIC removes the worry of your customer leaving to retrieve stips like proof of employment and a paycheck and never returning to your business.

Receive Information Directly from the Employer

Information is updated every time payroll is reported. This makes the data you receive from AIC fresh and relevant.

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Going beyond the customer's last paycheck or hourly rate, AIC is your definitive solution to employment and income verification delays.

Did you know most applicants "round" up or down when disclosing their income on a credit application?

  • 27% of applicants overstate their income by over 15%

  • 16% of applicants overstate by 50% or more

  • 20% of applicants understate income by 10% or more

How can you determine affordability early in the sales process? What if you could have accurate visibility into a consumer's financial position? You can with Automated Income Check or "AIC". Verify income and employment information before you work the deal. Lenders frequently require additional documents to ensure reported details are accurate. These stipulations can cause delays that are destructive to deals you have worked hard for.

AIC helps businesses gain a more accurate understanding of a consumer's financial position by providing information such as employer name, employment status, time on the job, and employer-provided income; that is as recent as the consumer's latest paystub.

In addition to confirming basic income and employment information, your business can view time on the job, which provides insight into repayment risk beyond what a credit score alone reveals. Equifax research shows that consumers whose time on the job is one year or less are almost twice as likely to go delinquent on an installment or auto loan compared to consumers who have ten or more years at the same job.

With instant access to employer name, annual income, job tenure, and much more, you can prequalify a consumer with confidence, meanwhile strengthening deals through access to actionable income and employment insights earlier in the buying process.

CBC offers the ideal solution to manage these delays. Automated Income Check is here to help you minimize your risk, improve your relationships with lenders, and leave customers with an impression they will remember with smooth and swift completion of their sales and finance experience. All without the hassle of any last-minute complications and renegotiating.

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Everything You Need, Summarized
If you are ready to offer a better sales and financing experience that helps you put the right customer in the right loan, right away, with the right payments they can afford, then Automated Income Check powered by Equifax is for you.

With this insight, you can:

  • Instantly prequalify a buyer for financing
  • Help move deals forward with fewer complications
  • Confidently spot-deliver vehicles
  • Provide a better overall customer experience

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