Vital Information Easily Accessible

With a single click, pull multiple credit reports and get an instant view of bureau scores, a link to each credit report, and access all the vital tools needed to satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.

The Most Accurate and Up to Date

CBC's Auto Finance Summary provides critical, current, and relevant credit insight in a concise summarized format

Included in Each Credit Report

CBC includes the Auto Finance Summary to all customers on both hard and soft pull credit reports at no additional charge

Reliable Credit Report Solutions That Save You Time, Backed by Decades of Experience



CBC brings its multiple decades of experience to be the first reseller to offer customers an Auto Finance Summary on all three bureaus, including prequalification credit reports.

CBC's Auto Finance Summary allows you to easily analyze a prospect's auto financing history, make more competitive offers, and improve the overall efficiency of the finance process. This leads to more deals being closed, an improved finance reserve by gaining insight into a prospect's current vehicle APR and terms, and provides credit insight to help identify beneficial rate offers.

CBC's product innovation helps customers gain a better understanding of their prospect's auto loan and lease situation in a straight-forward, summarized format. CBC is unwavering in our commitment to improve, innovate, and be the partner our customers need in a competitive landscape.

CBC Exceeds Expectations for Value Additions

CBC is always at the forefront of technology and value
  • Real-time Information - Up to date, relevant information
  • Delivered in the Credit Report - No need to open multiple windows or programs to retrieve the data
  • Available on ALL Bureaus - All 3 of the major credit bureaus supported
  • Hard and Soft Pulls - Regardless of the credit request, CBC delivers
  • Included - CBC provides unmatched 24/7/365 support. You will never be without help after hours, on weekends, or holidays

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