What is Experian Boost™ ?

Experian Boost™ is an entirely free service developed by Experian® to help increase your credit scores on-the-spot by using your own positive repayment history. It can also help those with poor or limited credit. Experian Boost™ helps by giving you well-deserved credit for the utility and mobile phone bills you're already paying. Until now, those payments had no positive impact on your FICO® score. Other services such as credit repair may cost you thousands of dollars, and only help remove inaccuracies from your credit report.

Boost Your Credit Score

How Does Experian Boost™ Work?

Experian Boost™ works by adding bills you pay every month like your power bill and mobile phone bill to your Experian credit report. Your score will only increase, and you have full control over the self-reported payment history you choose to include. Score increases range from a few points up to double-digit increases.

If you are looking to improve your chances of getting approved for financing, give Experian Boost™ a try. In the unlikely event your score does not increase, or you choose not to add an account to your credit report, you can prevent the account from being added to your credit report.

Boost Your Credit Score
Results may vary. Some may not see improved scores or approval odds. Not all lenders use Experian credit files, and not all lenders use scores impacted by Experian Boost.