What is CBC's API Integration Process?

CBC's quick and easy partner and custom integration lets you seemlessly access CBC's eCredit Complete credit report and compliance portal. What takes other companies months to years to develop CBC accomplishes in a fraction of the time.

From hard-pull credit reports, prequalification (soft-pull) credit reports, ID verification and red flag services, and other related products, CBC can create a custom API to meet your business needs.

We offer custom integration for businesses such as: in house loan origination systems, CRM's, solar companies, online finance and fintech providers, business loan providers, automotive and student loan refinancing companies, consumer/commercial loan brokers, and many more.

Key Features

We have spent years developing the simplest, yet most robust, API integration process in the industry and offer custom Integration for many types of businesses includng but not limited to the following.
  • In house loan origination systems
  • CRM's
  • Solar companies
  • Online finance and fintech providers
  • Business loan providers
  • Automotive and student loan refinancing companies
  • Consumer/commercial loan brokers
  • And many more

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