Multi-Layered ID Verification Process

Can be utilized as a stand-alone document authentication tool or incorporated into a multi-layered ID and driver's license verification process which includes Red Flags, Synthetic ID fraud checks, and more.

In-depth Document Authentication

ID or driver's license and image information is cross-checked using multiple layers of authentication and in-depth verification parameters and returns either verified or unverified data with explanation codes in seconds.

Automatically Fill Credit Applications

Once the applicant takes a picture of the front and back of their ID or driver's license, the information is populated in eCredit Complete and stored in the eVault. Auto population improves accuracy and processing efficiency.

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No Hardware Required!

Text or Email the Link Directly to the Consumer's Mobile Device

eVerifyID is the most advanced ID and driver's license authentication and verification product on the market today, powered by Mitek®, the industry-leading multi-layered identity document verification platform. Here are a few highlights:

  • A must-have for remote and touchless transactions. Capture, authenticate, and store applicant information without any handling of the applicant's ID or driver's license all in only a few seconds.

  • Instantly runs up to 24 different fraud and document authentication checks on the ID or driver's license, ranging from biometric technology to check the accuracy of the images to possible attempts of document tampering.

  • Prevents potential loss as a result of fraudsters using a fake or tampered with driver's license on a test-drive, or with the submission of a fraudulent credit application.

Accurately Authenticate Picture ID's and Driver's Licenses and Identify Potential Fraudulent Activity in Seconds!

Using only the consumer's mobile device!
eVerifyID authenticates and verifies the following information:
  • Expired ID or License
  • Rounded Corner Detection
  • ID Document Blacklist
  • Black and White Copy
  • Generic Font
  • Classification Detection
  • Document Structure
  • Ensemble Authenticator
  • Document Ensemble Authenticator
  • Human Face Presence
  • Date Field Font Consistency
  • Barcode Analysis
  • Field Validation
  • Document Data Comparison
  • Image Processing
  • Extended Authentication

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