No Score Impact

Retrieve a consumer's full credit file without impacting their credit score.

Complete Credit Report

All report data offered in a traditional credit report is presented to you in an easy-to-read report format that is designed to make your decisioning process easier and more efficient.

Decreased Compliance Burden

There is no Red Flags obligation, OFAC checking, or Risk-based Pricing Notice requirement and, in many cases, no Adverse Action notice.

Reliable Credit Report Solutions That Save You Time, Backed by Decades of Experience



A "soft pull" typically occurs when a customer's credit is checked as part of a prequalification process. Unlike hard inquiries or "hard pulls", "soft pulls" do not affect a customer's credit score.

Providing consumers with a soft credit check that does not hurt their credit is a great benefit. Having a full file credit report and score at a reduced cost and compliance burden is a huge benefit to your business.

CBC has made soft pulls a standard first credit report pulled throughout multiple industries. A standard copied by competitors, but no one has come close to the process developed by CBC. Credit health has become as important to people as their physical health. Soft pulls are incredibly beneficial and welcomed by consumers who do not want to risk the effect of a low or borderline low credit score on a hard pull.

CBC provides "soft pull" solutions and services to the following industries:

  • Automotive Dealers

  • Lenders

  • Loan Brokers

  • Solar Contractors

As well as: Funding Sources, Equipment Dealers, Medical/Dental, Debt Consolidation, Orthodontics, Student Loans, Hearing Aide Financing, Home Improvement, Security System, and Business Loans.

CBC does NOT provide service to the following industries: Credit Repair, Credit Counseling, Tenant Screening, Mortgage, Employment Screening, Loan Forgiveness, and Attorney/Legal Screening.

If You Are Not Using a Prequalification Process, Contact CBC Now

Save Time and Money with Soft Pulls
  • Full-file credit report returned
  • All bureaus available
  • Huge cost savings
  • Decreased compliance burden
  • No SSN or DOB required
  • No consumer credit score impact

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