Streamlined Application Process

eZ Form-Fill is a first-of-its-kind consumer-facing form-fill application that can, upon submission, instantly complete the consumer's credit or prequalification application, and subsequently return a full credit report, process Red Flags, OFAC Name Search, and Risk-based Pricing, all while starting with only four fields of consumer information.

Advanced Fraud Detection

eZ Form-Fill returns consumer information using only four pieces of personally identifiable information provided by the consumer. This simple yet powerful process uses a series of matching algorithms to find the right consumer while leveraging advanced fraud detection technology to help detect and prevent misuse.

Fraudulent Application Submission Protection

eZ Form-Fill includes device based fraud detection that is proven to deter fraudulent application submissions before ever being submitted. It's safe to say most fraudsters will steer clear of a website or online application that incorporates fraud detection products.

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Consumer Data Verified and Fraud Checked

Benefit from the confidence that an applicant's four data entry fields have been verified and are as current and as accurate as possible.

Returns a full credit application that has been checked for accuracy and against multiple fraud databases to verify the submitted consumer information is true and correct, thus further streamlining the data entry process and reducing the amount of manual entry by up to 76% requiring only four data fields from the consumer!

eZ Form-Fill Returns Real Data in Real-Time

Real-time data vs. out-dated cell-phone or recycled data!
eZ Form-Fill returns all data listed below and more that is available at the time of the request. Up to 26 individual fields of data returned to verify, authenticate and auto-populate credit and prequalification applications.
  • First, Middle, Last Name, and Suffix
  • Current Address/City/State/Zip Code
  • Time at Current Address Years/Months
  • Primary Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Spouse First Name
  • Applicant 2nd Surname
  • Previous Address/City/State/Zip
  • Time at Previous Address Years/Months

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